Adelaide Fringe review

The Adelaide Advertiser review came out today...

"ANNE-LOUISE Rentell has a great way of eliciting audience participation. As the post-World War I governess dressed lumpily in black, we are her students, and any misbehaviour will not be tolerated. We all obediently "yes Miss" and "no Miss", and when called to the stage we jump to it. The underlying sexual tension - the governess puts on bright red lipstick to eat a banana - is deliciously Freudian.

As the show proceeds become aware of the reasons behind her black outlook on learning and life and students, atmospherically backed by lightning and rolls of thunder.

Rentell is excellent as the governess, and the tension between audience and performer admirable. The various ingredients, however, are still looking for a better resolution."

Adelaide Town Hall, until February 27

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